Sealegs 8.5m Alloy Cabin

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The 8.5m Alloy Cabin combines the comfort of an enclosed cabin, the internal space provided by the all-alloy hull and the latest in Sealegs Amphibious technology to create an unbeatable amphibious experience.


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Our new EPS system ensures ideal steering performance on both water and land, an upgraded 35hp inboard engine provides better traction in difficult terrain and a 250hp outboard will have you comfortably cruising at 26 knots, and provide a top speed of 39 knots

The unique plumb bow with hydrodynamic stability chines and optional Zipwake dynamic trim-control system provide an unparalleled ride on the water. Carry up to 6 passengers and make use of the large deck space for gear storage or additional seating.

The Benefits

Seemless integration of the Sealegs System into the transom
All-alloy cabin provides considerable protection from the elements
Variable deadrise with plumb bow for a smooth ride on water
Customisable to suit your needs – from fishing, to a leisurely family day out
Significant 450L underfloor storage space
Single handed operation, giving one person the freedom to launch their craft by themselves
Children can safely be in the craft at all times, avoiding possible accidents
Immediate access to and from the water — no waiting, backing trailers, winching or parking
Embarking and disembarking no longer means getting wet
More time on the water, less time spent getting in and out of water
The ability to explore places inaccessible in a traditional boat
Greater use of your investment


Length Overall 8.5m (27’ 11”) [Outboard down] 8.8m (28’11”) [Outboard up]
Hull Length Overall (not incl. wheels) 6.7 m (22’)
Height 3.1m (10’ 2″) [Wheels down], 2.74m (9’) [Wheels up]
Beam overall 2.31 m (7’ 7”)
Draft 0.8m (2′ 9”)
Hull Deadrise at transom 16 degrees
Hull Plate 5mm, (3/16”) Marine Grade Aluminium, (5083)
Displacement – no fuel 2230kg (4916lbs)
Max Payload (including passengers) 500kg (1102lbs)
Max passengers 6 Persons, including driver
Fuel Capacity – Petrol Below deck 250 litre (66 U.S. Gallons)
Top speed Max (Water) 40 knots (74kph/46 mph)
Recommended/Maximum Outboard 1x 250HP (186.4 kW)
Top speed (Land) 7.5kph (5mph) or 10Kph (6.21mph) with Difflock
On-land power Inboard Petrol engine, Briggs & Stratton 35HP (26kW) 4-stroke, air cooled
Drive (Land) All Wheel Drive, permanent with optional momentary diff lock
Brakes Primary/Dynamic – Hydrostatic
Emergency/Automatic Park – Hydraulically released mechanical brake
Steering Seastar power assisted hydraulic steering with EPS
Batteries High Crank Start Battery (750CCA) House Battery (90AH)
Seating 2 Pedestals, Vee-birth cabin squabs, Optional Queen seats
Storage Vee-birth lockers, Gunnel cubbies, Underfloor locker
Windscreen Clear glass windscreen with 3 wipers and washer system
Tyres 26”x 11” all terrain 12-ply tyres on 12” alloy rims
Drainage and bilge Deck drains to pod with 1100gph (4164Lph) automatic and switchable bilge pump
Lighting Bow-mounted LED marine headlight (land use only), LED navigation lights, blue courtesy lights, white/blue interior lights, Cup holder mounted lights
Deck 3M anti-slip deck tread
Run Time (Land) 30 min continuous use per hour
Maximum incline (Land) 14 Degrees (25% gradient) up or down.
Avoid driving across a transverse incline.
Maximum sea conditions Up to 2.0m (6’ 7”) wave height
Up to 26 knot (49kph/30 mph) winds
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