Sealegs Interceptor 9000

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The Interceptor 9000 is the largest amphibious RIB ever produced, and is a dream for anyone needing a large platform for their adventures. The Interceptor 9000 comes in at 9m long, with massive space in front of the console, along the tubes and on either side of the Sealegs inboard engine box.


All Sealegs craft come standard with All Wheel Drive (AWD). Both the front wheel and rear wheels have their own wheel motor. This allows for maximum traction and terrain capability when encountering beach inclines of soft sand, shell, shingle and/or pebbles.

AWD greatly increase the maneuverability of Sealegs craft, but if further traction is required, reducing the pressure in tires can further increase traction in difficult terrain. Finally, diff-lock is available as an option to augment the functionality of AWD.

The diff-lock option allows operators to force all wheels to turn in unison, regardless of traction (or lack thereof) available to all wheels. This, combined with AWD, will allow a Sealegs craft to overcome more extreme conditions.
In addition to the technology detailed above, Sealegs craft can be customised to suit any purpose. To see further standard features and ​available options for the Interceptor 9000, click here.


Length Overall (wheels up) 9.15m (30’)
Hull Length Overall (not incl. wheels) 7.9m (25’ 11″)
Height 2.52m (8’ 3″) [Wheels down], 2.12m (6’ 11”) [Wheels up]
Beam overall 3.13m (10’ 3”)
Draft 0.40m (15 3/4”)
Hull Deadrise at transom 23 degrees
Hull Plate 5mm, (3/16”) Marine Grade Aluminium, (5083)
Displacement – no fuel 2240kg (4938lbs)
Max Payload (including passengers) 500kg (1102lbs)
Max passengers 8 Persons, including driver
Fuel Capacity – Petrol Below deck 250 litre (66 U.S. Gallons)
Top speed Max (Water) – 300 HP 40 knots (74kph/46 mph)
Maximum Outboard 1x 300HP (223.7 kW), 2x 150HP (111.9kW each)
Top speed (Land) 7.5kph (5mph)
On-land power Inboard Petrol engine, Briggs & Stratton 35HP (26kW) 4-stroke, air cooled
Drive (Land) All wheel drive, permanent with optional momentary diff lock
Brakes Primary/Dynamic – Hydrostatic
Emergency/Automatic Park – Hydraulically released mechanical brake
Steering Seastar power assisted hydraulic steering
Batteries 74Ah (@20A) Deep Cycle (House), 1100CCA High Crank (Start)
Seating Room for up to 8 Joltrider Suspension Seats or 2 pedestals and up to 2 auxilliary bench seats
Storage Under-seat in front of console, port hatch in console, forward wet locker
Console Wide console with fold-down windscreen
Tyres 25”x 12” all terrain 6-ply tyres on 12” alloy rims
Tubes 6 chamber, Hypalon tubes. 560mm diameter
Drainage and bilge Dual scuppers, 1100gph (4164Lph) switchable bilge pump
Lighting Dual LED marine headlights (land use only), LED navigation lights
Deck 3M anti-slip deck tread
Approx. Range Estimate (Water) 260km (140 Nautical Mile) @ 4000 R.P.M.
Run Time (Land) 30 min continuous use per hour
Maximum incline (Land) 14 Degrees (25% gradient) up or down.
Avoid driving across a transverse incline.
Maximum sea conditions Up to 4.0m (13’ 1”) wave height
Up to 40 knot (74kph/46 mph) winds
Certifications CE Cat C, U.S.C.G.
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